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Thursday May 20

Phil Goff, Justice Minister and John Rowan QC, lawyer discuss the changes to the jury system which were announced yesterday. It includes increased payments for jurors, higher penalties for summons evaders and the ability for people to defer jury service for up to 12 months.

Dr Susan Stryker, Transgender historian speaks about her life as a transsexual, and a documentary she's making about the beginnings of the transgender rights movements in the USA.  She's giving a lecture at Auckland University at 7.30 tonight at Lecture Theatre 439, School of Engineering.  To attend contact or see

Martin Sneddon is the chief executive of New Zealand Cricket. He was talking about the Black Caps cricket test against England tonight. He was also talking about the International Cricket Conference meeting about the situation in Zimbabwe.

Ali spoke with visiting violinist Hilary Hahn At the age of 24, the Grammy Award-winning violinist has established herself as one of the most accomplished and compelling artists on the international concert circuit. Recently named "America's Best" young classical musician by Time Magazine in 2001, she appears regularly with the world's great orchestras in Europe, Asia, and North America. Hilary is in New Zealand to play seven concerts with the New Zealand Symphony

'Monsieur Batignole', a charming French comedy currently playing at Auckland's Academy Cinema is the story of a humble Parisian butcher. Set during the Nazi occupation of France, the butcher discovers his conscience from a little Jewish boy he attempts to save. Francesca Rudkin, the Breakfast programme's regular film reviewer shared her opinion of this 'feel-good' film.


Des Smith & John Jolliff have founded the Civil Union Bill Supporters Society to provide a positive source of information on the proposed bill that would allow all couples to register their union granting recognition and rights equal to that of marriage. More information on this issue can be found at

Lorelei Mason, the Breakfast Programmes Health Correspondent, discussed the issue of  the Northland District Health Board's call to offer the chance of a trip to Fiji or Queenstown for staff as an incentive for them to have as few sick days as possible. Loreli looked at the ethics and controversary surrounding this 'incentive.' Also it is Autism week so discussion about a report from overseas that shows that there is no link between a mercury preservative in vaccines and autism. There had been a lot of news around in the past year speculating that there may have been a link due to the preservative THIMEROSAL  the American Institute of Medicine says there's no question that the vaccines are safe.

This morning's discussion panel was on the topic of 'obesity'. The panellists were Bruce Ross from the Centre for Health and Physical Education at Auckland's College of Education, Jeni Pearce, one of New Zealand's leading nutritionists and dieticians. Celia Murphy contributed to the discussion, she is the executive director of  the Obesity Action Coalition and from Christchurch Dean Te Hau, a project manager for Ngai Tahu and he deals with issues of health, nutrition and physical activity. Some of the issues discussed were the extent of the problem, who is most at risk, the link between obesity and diabetes, dietary change and some simple steps towards better health. For more information  email: