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Thursday May 12

Breakfast spoke to Chief Superintendent Michael Corboy, who chaired the Independent Review Panel looking at the police 111 system.  The report can be found at

Waiheke locals met last night to hear from MAF about the foot and mouth scare on the island, this morning on Breakfast Waiheke Island Community Board Chairman Ray Ericson talked about how locals were feeling about the suspected hoax.

This morning on the Breakfast programme Chief Censor Bill Hastings discussed the banning of the games Postal 2 and Manhunt and gave advice on how to protect children from offensive material.

This morning on the Breakfast Programme Francesca Rudkin reviewed  'The Upside of Anger' an unlikely comedy starring Kevin Costner and Joan Allen.

Auckland Rugby Chairman Ken Baguley spoke to Paul Henry about the NZRU's joint bid with the govt for the 2011 World Cup and what it would mean for Eden Park.

Health Correspondent Lorelie Mason discussed the Australasian College of Anaesthetists conference.

This morning on the Breakfast programme Jeannette Thomas spoke Carol Nelson -  the Co-Director of the Human Rights Film Festival and Vice- Convenor of the Human Rights Network of Aotearoa New Zealand and Jeanne Hallacy, Director of one the featured films 'Mercy.' 'Mercy' was filmed over two years in a community hospice in Thailand - an unsettling documentary about the growing AIDS crisis in the region. For more information

This morning on the Breakfast programme Paul Henry spoke to  American photographer Barrie Schwortz live from the Aotea centre. He brings to Auckland the first replica of the shroud, a linen cloth that bears the image of a man who appears to have been crucified. Believers consider it to be Jesus' burial shroud. Sceptics dismiss it as a medieval hoax.  The History and Science of The Shroud of Turin opens on Friday at the Aotea Centre and closes on May 24.