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Thursday March 30

Breakfast spoke to Heather Smith and Dr Ross Boswell about a Private Members Bill before parliament regarding Organ Donation.  It will put in place an organ donor register, ensure an individuals wishes cannot be overridden by next of kin and make it an offence for any payment regarding organ donation. 

Pippa Wetzell spoke to Barry Jordan of the BNZ about a major security alert after detecting what's believed to be the country's first case of skimming  at an ATM machine.  It's suspended the accounts of more than a thousand customers whose personal details were stolen when they used their cards at an ATM in West Auckland.

Paul Henry spoke to Dr David Vaughan from the British Antarctic Survey about the effect of global warming on Antarctica.  He will present a Gateway Antarctica Lecture at Canterbury University's C2 lecture theatre at 4pm today.

This morning on Breakfast Francesca Rudkin spoke to Pippa Wetzell about the New Zealand film 'Sione's Wedding'.

Man Booker prize winner DBC Pierre spoke to Breakfast about his new novel Ludmila's Broken English.

Health Correspondent Lorelei Mason explained a new poll from the  United States that has found many teens are literally sleep-walking through life and are getting far less sleep than they need.

This morning on the Breakfast Programme Sian Harcourt the Executive Director of Fertility NZ discussed a new study about fertility in this country. To get more information contact or call 0800 333 306  Company director Maria Van den Burg talked through her own experiences of infertility and her wish to find a surrogate - for more information or to get in touch with Maria - email

This morning on Breakfast Paul Henry spoke to actor and musician Russell Crowe about his career in music and New Zealand concerts.