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Thursday June 17

Denise Ritchie, of the group ECPAT (End Child Prostitution & Trafficking) discusses a United States government report on the trafficking of child prostitutes that lists NZ as a problem country.  ECPAT doesn't believe NZ does have a problem and says report's authors have misinterpreted the research from ECPAT they based the claim on. Phil Goff, the Minister of Foreign Affairs appeared to discuss the issue.

Paul Swain, Immigration Minister discusses the case of an Iranian man who's been avoiding deportation since early last year and the changes being made to tighten up the Immigration Department's deportation powers.

Kiwis know that eating plenty of fruit and vegetables is good for us... we are just not eating enough. The cancer society has just published the findings from the report "Pulp Fiction - the Facts Harvested" which shows that eating vegies and fruit lowers the risk of cancer. The report also raises concerns that while we recognise a diet of fresh food is important we don't know that we are not getting enough in our diets.

Matariki marks the beginning of the Maori calendar and is celebrated in mid-June. Maori broadcster Libby Hakaraia has written a history of the occasion called "Matariki, The Maori New Year," published by Reed and available at all good bookstores now. .

Francesca Rudkin, the Breakfast Programme's regular film reviewer talked to Ali this morning about 'The Day After Tomorrow.' The film stars Dennis Quaid as a heroic scientist attempting to save the world from an apocalyptic instant ice-age. The film is directed by Roland Emmerich of 'The Patriot' and 'Independence Day' fame.

Health correspondent Lorelei Mason discussed the more than 1400 management and administrative jobs are under scrutiny at Auckland District Health Board in a move to save millions of dollars. The board has until 2006-2007 to cut costs and eliminate its deficit, thought to be about $49 million this year. And research into growing teeth - via stem-cell research.

Alison spoke to Peter Simkins, a spokesperson for the Yellow Eyed Penguin Trust about the Trust, sponsorship and the status of the endangered bird. 

Alison Mau spoke to Ballet Mistress Betsy Erickson from the San Francisco Ballet. Betsy is in NZ helping direct the NZ School of Dance's upcoming ballet Street Songs by Val Caniparoli. Street Songs will be performed during the school's November Graduation Season.