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Thursday December 16

Some food for thought while we're stocking up the cupboards at Xmas... Many of us don't think about where our food comes from, we simply expect it to be there when we go to the supermarket.  Alison Mau spoke to Massey University Deputy-Vice Chancellor Ian Warrington about his concerns that New Zealand might start to fall behind the rest of the world if it doesn't start placing more importance on research into food production and developing new products such the successful gold kiwifruit marketed by Zespri. 

Breakfast looks at the issue of buying and sending out Christmas cards, is it something we still do or have e-cards taken over?   ?? spoke to NZ Post Marketing Manager Todd Hunter, John Shattock from Shattock Communications and IT reporter Paul Brislen about the Christmas card tradition

Daisy the deaf dalmation is waiting for the right person to take her home. Those interested can contact the Wellington SPCA on 04 389 8044. Central All Breeds dog training school is offering free training to Daisy and her new owner (

'Team America' is the movie that Francesca Rudkin reviewed this morning on he Breakfast Programme.

Lorelei Mason - health correspondent spoke about new research around the issue of caesarean births.

Geoff Mason - the General Manager of North Shore City Council Watercare Services spoke on the Breakfast Programme this morning about the quality controls in place for the cities bathing beaches this  summer. He was joined by Marty White - the environment manager at Metrowater who explined our pollutants end up in the sea and what measures are in place to deal with it.

This morning Jolie Holland - a Texan born and raised singer songwriter spoke about songwriter performed on the Breakfast programme. Jolie Holland will be performing tonight at Auckland's Kings Arms.