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Thursday April 21

Breakfast crossed live to our correspondent in Rome, Diana Dorahy to find out whether the conclave had many any progress in electing a successor to Pope John Paul II after the second day of voting.

Then Breakfast was joined by Simon Maude from the Law Society about recommendation from the Law Commission which give donor parents more rights in the family court.

Francesca reviewed Saraha this morning - a Hollywood block buster starring Penelope Cruz and Mathew McConaughey. Its about a hunt through the Sahara dessert for a phantom battle ship. Its not strong on story line - the verdict; The holes in the plot are big enough to accommodate a submarine.

Doctors room can be miserable places... but not this one. Dr Malcolm McKellar an Ophthalmologist, has rooms that pay tribute to the Deco era.. the furniture, clocks and books.. all retro. Breakfast took a look around.

Reporter Lisa Davidson looked at the Cassini - Huygens spacecraft mission that left earth for outer space - to Saturn. One of the men who headed the mission Bob Mitchell is in New Zealand and is giving as series of lectures.

Health Correspondent Loreli mason spoke about the free surgery that takes place this morning, in Christchurch. A group of Doctors And Nurses in Christchurch want to offer surgery to those who can't afford private health insurance, and who have been turned away from public hospitals.

Breakfast spoke to Associate Minister of Health Jim Anderton about new suicide statistics he released two weeks ago. The latest figures show that the number of New Zealanders taking their own lives is continuing to fall, but that New Zealand still has the sixth-highest level of suicide among the OECD countries. A total of 460 people died by suicide in 2002, compared with 507 in 2001. The suicide rate is now the lowest for 20 years. Websites: & &

Music preferences are a touchy subject, but one that Sally Jo Cunningham a senior lecturer in computer science at Waikato University's become well acquainted with her study into the characteristics of songs that people don't like. It's part of a wider research project to design better music retrieval software. Paul spoke to her on Breakfast.