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Monday November 5, 2007

On the November 5 programme...

Alcohol related brain injury
Two Australian experts claim one in five New Zealanders is at risk of developing alcohol-related brain damage. They told Breakfast what puts someone in danger.

Media review
Media commentator Irene Gardiner gives her views on how the news has been covered in the last week.

Helen Clark
Breakfast spoke to Prime Minister Helen Clark for her views on the political week

Breakfast in Vancouver
Breakfast reporters Tmati Coffey and rachel MacGregor are in Vancouver gettign to knwo the people and the city - of course they found some Kiwis there.

Internet consumer survey
Breakfast spoke to Sue Chetwin from the Consumers' Institute about the poor performance of Xtra in Consumers' latest internet survey.

Health news - low stress diet
Health expert, Dr Frances Pitsilis told Breakfast viewers about how to eat to reduce stress.

Pre-Christmas tips
Breakfast spoke to author Allison Mooney about how understanding personality types can help with your christmas shopping.