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Monday March 27

Breakfast asked Carole Curtis, lawyer for the Sri Lankan teenager who was deported from NZ in 2004, about her successful UN refugee status application.

Paul Henry spoke to Amnesty International Executive Director Ced Simpson about the UN granting refugee status to a Sri Lankan teenager who was deported from New Zealand in 2004.

Paul Henry talked to Prime Minister Helen Clark about the circumstances surrounding Harmeet Sooden's release in Iraq.

Stephen Stewart and Richard Becht chatted throught the weekend's sporting highlights.

Pippa Wetzell spoke to the skipper of an Oyster fishing boat in Bluff on the second morning of the Oyster season.  The season runs until 31 August.

Vint Cerf, Father of the Internet, talked to Paul Henry about his role in development of the internet and its future. He is in Wellington for ICANN conference.

Pippa Wetzell spoker to technology commentator Paul Reynolds about the corporate use of on-line journals.

An exhibition of Maori art has just finished a hugely successful month-long showing in Vancouver, Canada. Paul Henry spoke to Candian gallery director Nigel Reading and Maori artist Darcy Nicholas about 'Manawa - Pacific heartbeat', a book that documents the exhibiton.

Breakfast reporter Tristram Clayton with the sights and sounds of Kenya's famous Masai Mara National Reserve.