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Monday June 14

Richard Prebble, Former ACT party leader discussed the party's decision to appoint Rodney Hide as his successor and Muriel Newman as party deputy while Rodney Hide spoke about his plans as the new leader of the party. For more information go to

Prime Minister Helen Clark talked in her weekly Monday morning slot about her recent travel to Europe for the D-Day commemorations, travel warnings for New Zealanders bound for Saudi Arabia and how coalition lines are being formed in the lead up to next year's election. For those wanting more information on Ministry of Foreign Affairs travel advice the website address is

Auckland photographer Fiona Pardington spent six weeks living in a DOC hut in central Otago as a part of Creative New Zealand's Wild Creations programme. To find out more about the programme contact Anne McLean, DOC Senior Awareness Conservation Manager, 04 471 3182 or Undine Marshfield, Senior Media and Communications Adviser, Creative New Zealand Tel: 04 498 0725.

Catherine Harland is an Auckland Regional Councillor and the Chairperson of the Regional  Land Transport Committee. She discussed a planned upgrade of the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority "Rideshare" carpooling website (<>) for Auckland commuters.

Mary Quin is an ex-pat New Zealander now living in the United States. Her book "Kidnapped in Yemen," published by Random House and available at all good bookstores, is the story of how she and 15 tourists were kidnapped by terrorists while they were in Yemen. 

Volunteer Services Abroad is a New Zealand based organisation who sends kiwis to volunteer in countries of need. Volunteer Services Abroad helps build communities by offering the services of our skilled workers. An interesting alternative to the big OE.  If you are interested in volunteering visit for more information.