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Monday December 11, 2006

Kevin Ihaka is a New Zealand firefighter. Murray Dudfield is the National Rural Fire Officer. Together they spoke to Kay Gregory about the current situation regards the wildfires in the Australian state of Victoria, and about the possibility of sending more New Zealand firefighters there in the near future.

Breakfast reporter Rachel Macgregor had the story of a medicine man in Rarotonga who lives off the land.  He claims to have cures for everything from diabetes to cancer.

Paul Henry spoke to prime minister Helen Clark about the coup situation in Fiji.

Stephen Stuart and sports commentator Richard Becht spoke about the weekends sporting highlights including the V8s, the Knights and the Breakers.

Breakfast spoke to the director of Dave Gibbons about the extent of digital music in New Zealand and the launch of iTunes.

This morning Breakfast spoke to Louise Carroll, director of the Drug Rape Trust New Zealand, and her daughter Emma, about ways to deal with drink spiking. For more information, go to

Paul Brislen is an IT Commentator who regularly appears on the Breakfast programme. This morning he and Paul Henry discussed the merits, traps, and advantages of shopping for Christmas online.

Breakfast spoke to Wendy van Lieshout from United Travel about a survey which found growing numbers of New Zealanders travelling overseas are seeking out 'culture' rather than just kicking back on the beach. Website: