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May 3-7

Monday May 3

Dr Pita Sharples, Maori educationalist talks about the support for Tariana Turia following her resignation and the possible development of a new Maori party ahead of the next election.

Prime Minister Helen Clark spoke to Alison Mau about MP Tariana Turia's decision to resign and force a by-election in her Te Tai Hauauru electorate.

Brigid Bradley, a site manager of Mt Eden and Andrew Widdicome, a correction officer at Mt Eden Prison spoke to Allison this morning about the challenges of their work in the Department of Corrections and the urgent need for new recruits to handle to growing prison population.

Sporting satirist James McOnie discussed the weekend's Super 12 action with Peter Williams. 

Dr Mark Wood has designed a fascinating new game - it's a puzzle that makes the user smarter and more creative. He spoke to Allison this morning about the Kaleidoscope Challenge.

Kay Gregory - from the Auckland newsroom with the weather.

Microsoft is hosting the glossary and is using a universal application to create the Maori language interface. This will be the 41st language (other than English) that this application will have translated. 

Elliott Erwitt, a founding member of the world-renowned Magnum photographers, and is visiting New Zealand as a guest of and to give the keynote address at the 2004 National Convention of the Photographic Society of New Zealand Inc. For more details go to and for more information on Elliott Erwitt go to

Patrick Smith - veteran travel writer joined Ali on BREAKFAST this morning, to review Patricia Schultz's "1000 Places To See Before You Die" - currently in the top 5 Non-Fiction Paperback on the New York Times Best Sellers List.

Tuesday May 4

Tini Molyneux, Maori Affairs Correspondent discusses reaction to Prime Minister Helen Clark's comments on Breakfast yesterday where she labelled hikoi organisers "haters and wreckers".

Mai Chen, the Breakfast Programme's weekly law expert from Chen Palmer and Partners discussed the implications of the first reading of The Foreshore and Seabed Bill and the concept of a stand-alone Maori party and how it will effect public policy and public law.

Breakfast's weekly music reviewer Francesca Rudkin discussed some Kiwi music with Ali today. First up was music-talk about local outfit Opshop and rockers from out west Auckland, Blindspott.

The Consumers' Institute ( has checked out the nutritional value of the healthy options offered by fast food restaurants. They found there's not a lot of nutritional value in some of the options out there. The full report is in the May issue of the consumer magazine.

A live cross to Auckland's BFM where, as a part of New Zealand Music Month, there was a performance by local 'it' band - The Have.

Don McRae is the Managing Director of Wellington FirmHealthcare Essentials.  He has worked as an importer and distributor of dental equipment and supplies for 35 years and is the New Zealand distributor of BriteSmile, a teeth-whitening procedure. He was talking about the history of New Zealand toothcare and why more and more people are following the lead of celebrities to get their teeth whitened. His phone number is ph 04 387 3874.

Martin Lee is a specialist in community dental health.  He talked about the inequalities in oral health within New Zealand; who suffers from tooth decay.  info:

John Cowan from Parenting With Confidence - a body that works in support of children and parents - spoke to Ali this morning about how much help we can expect from kids. more info:

Wednesday May 5

Alison Mau spoke to Bruce Stewart, a Kaumatua at Tapu Te Ranga Marae and Aunty Mihipeka Edwards about the amount of support for the hikoi in Wellington.  About 900 people are expected to gather at Newtown Park and will make their way to Te Papa in Wellington where they will meet the rest of the hikoi marchers before heading to parliament.  

Tini Molyneux, Maori Affairs Correspondent outlines what's expected as the hikoi marchers protesting against the government's seabed and foreshore legislation reach parliament today.

Dave Currie is the Chef de Mission for the New Zealand Olympic Committee. . He and Alison discussed his recent trip to Athens, ahead of the Olympic Games in August. The NZOC website is at -

Jo Mullins is a former deputy principal of Rangitoto College.  She is now leads a New Zealand educational team helping reform Qatar's education system.  She spoke to Alison Mau about her experiences in the Middle East.

Detective Inspector Rod Drew, Acting Wellington Police District Commander talking about the measures being taken to minimise disruption as the hikoi marches through central Wellington to parliament.

Dunedin reporter Megan Martin with an update on what's being happening in the Otago region including the local oyster season, Whipper the budgie with unusual plumage and Shrek the sheep losing his woolly coat.

As part of the month long celebration of New Zealand music -  the Breakfast programme featured, local band "The Hot Grits" they performed their funk-style song 'Slowly'.

Ross Noble,  a recently married Geordie comedian had Ali in stitches this morning. He's in New Zealand taking part in the Comedy Festival.

John Caro is with Caro Wine Merchants. He was talking about the quality of this year's wine harvest as well as. Caro's Wine Merchants is based in Parnell and their phone number is 09 377 9974.

Thursday May 6

John Mitchell, Trustee Ngati Tama and Harry Mikaere, Chairman of Tainui Waka Alliance talking about their participation in the hikoi and the maori presence expected at parliament today as the government's foreshore and seabed bill is put to the vote.

Pauline Hanson appeared on the Breakfast Programme this morning to discuss her political career, how her life has changed since she spent time and jail and what she is up to now.

Francesca reviewed the film Wonderland. It stars Val Kilmer and Kate Bosworth and is based on the life of later porn star John C Holmes and the infamous Hollywood Hills murders in which he was implicated.

Lorelei Mason, the programmes health correspondent was in the Auckland studio to discuss free breast screening has been embraced by women nationwide since its introduction here a few years ago.

Mokoera Te Amo, a lead dancer with the professional troop 'Toro Toro Dancers, Kate Sutton - the President of the Student Union at Auckland University and Sonata McLeod an events coordinator from Dunedin chatted with Allison Mau this morning about the issues that face the youth of New Zealand. This was organised as a part of Youth Week  - for info:

As part of New Zealand music month - the Breakfast programme featured music from the Auckland City Dukes.

Mark Sainsbury is One New's Political Editor. He discussed the vote on the seabed and foreshore legislation which has been passed 65 - 55 in favour. It'll now go to it's first reading.

Friday May 7

Mark Sainsbury is One New's Political Editor. He discussed the vote on the seabed and foreshore legislation which has been passed 65 - 55 in favour. It'll now go to it's first reading.

Professor Peter Gluckman, the Director of Auckland University's Liggins Institute spoke about the results of a five year study into reducing the impact of brain damage at birth on babies. The research found that in many cases brain damage could be prevented by the use of a cooling cap placed on the baby's head

Weekly social commentator Joe Bennett talked about the Seabed and Forshore Hikoi and his personal journey with New Zealand Idol.

Kerry-Jayne Wilson, a Lincoln University ecologist spoke about her new book "Flight of the Huia: Ecology and conservation of New Zealand's frogs, reptiles, birds and mammals," published by Canterbury University Press.  She also discussed her concerns about the NZ public's lack of understanding of our natural history

This is a new weekly segment looking at people selected to represent New Zealand at the Athens Olympics. This week we spoke to North Shore swimming coach Jan Cameron and swimmers Hannah Mclean and Corney Swanepoel The North Shore swimming club is providing 5 of the 6 individuals selected to represent NZ at the Athens Olympics as well as 5 of the 7 potential relay swimmers.