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Friday December 10

Ali spoke to author Alan Duff this morning about his views on the passing of the Civil Union Bill - he along with Auckland mayor Dick Hubbard and Ralph Norris had sent a letter to parliament urging MP's to oppose the bill. 

Following the passing of the civil union bill in parliament yesterday, Alison Mau spoke to Tim Barnett who chaired the Justice and Electoral Select Committee which steered the bill through parliament, and civil union campaigners Des Smith and John Jolliff.

This morning jailed Algerian refugee Ahmed Zaoui's lawyer Deborah Manning spoke to Paul Henry about her client's release on bail.

This morning social commentator Joe Bennett aired his views on London's wax museum Madame Tussauds latest exhibit - a nativity scene featuring 'Posh and Becks' as Mary and Joseph.

In our political review this week Garth Bray looks at the implications of the decision by the Supreme Court to grant Algerian asylum seeker, Ahmed Zaoui bail.

Douglas Lloyd Jenkins spoke to Ali this morning about house design - New Zealand style.

This morning Rick Starr joined the Breakfast team to discuss his research into how Kiwi's see Christmas. He's found out that the 'silly season' is changing quickly, becoming shorter and less relaxed.