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Friday August 12

Breakfast spoke to Jim Tully from Canterbury University Journalism School about the High Court decision that Jim Anderton and Peter Dunne had to appear on TV3's leader debate.

World leading obesity expert Professor Michael Lean is in the studio to talk about the growing problem that is strongly linked to diabetes. He says New Zealand is an ideal laboratory for public campaigns against Obesity.

Former All Black and North Harbour Rugby player Richard Turner talks with Peter Williams about the start of the NPC which includes the Battle of the Bridge between North Harbour and Auckland. They will also look towards this weekend's Bledisloe test.

This morning on the Breakfast Programme social commentator Joe Bennett took a look at the lighter side of the political week in review.

In Politics this morning Chris Faifoi spoke about the high court ruling about TV leaders debate and what it means for press freedom , and labour promises to increase the number of cops by 250.

This morning Breakfast spoke to Wellington journalist Andrew Macdonald about his first book 'On My Way to the Somme', a story about the kiwi effort during the 1916 Somme battlefield of World War One of the bloodiest battles in modern memory. The story is told through their diary entries, letters and recorded interviews.

Reporter Jennie Matsuezk checked out a play currently on in Wellington Baghdad Baby.

And finally we looked at a new art form of Stencilling - at the Disrupt gallery, K Road, Auckland.