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Farewell to Kay

Breakfast says goodbye to Kay Gregory on Friday.

The team have been inundated with people wishing Kay well in her plans to focus on her family and expand her role as a marriage and funeral celebrant.

Here is a taste of some of thoe comments we have received so far:

Kay sad to hear you are leaving. Will we still see you on TV? - Nin

Kay, we will miss you. You and Paul make a great team and we have really enjoyed the Breakfast programme over the last couple of years. Best wishes for the future - Maisie

Take care have been great! - Chris

Dear Kay, I am so disappointed to hear that you are leaving. I will miss your lovely smiling face in the morning. Are you able to disclose where you are going to - Kathleen.

Hi Kay - We will all miss you and your wisdom heaps - best of luck in your new direction - Bennie

Kay Gregory will be greatly missed. Her personality, wry comments, plus her sane and sensible manner has been a vital part of any decision to tune into the Breakfast Show. Very best wishes for the next stage of her life - I am sure that it will be extremely successful - Sue.

Hi Paul and Kay, I have just read about you leaving Kay, although I wish you luck I will miss the banter between you and Paul which sets me off for a good day, I think you have a great rapport with each other - Gracey

Aaaw, Kay, so sorry to see you go, but all the very best with your plans - Patz

Kay , I shall miss your welcoming smile and good natured disposition. The other one interrupts too much so I shall have to stay tuned to see what develops. Go well - Andy D

KAY!! You can't leave. You and Paul compliment each other perfectly on the show. Will miss your positive energy. Better than coffee in the morning! - brekkyfan

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