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Breakfast: Wednesday October 5

Published: 6:53AM Wednesday October 05, 2011 Source: Breakfast

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Criticism of Retail Deposit Guarantee Scheme
The Auditor General has criticised Treasury's handling of the retail deposit guarantee scheme, saying it failed to protect taxpayers from the inherent risks. Breakfast gets reaction from Financial Advisor Chris Lee, and Labour's Finance Spokesman David Cunliffe.

Is Commercialism Hurting Rugby?
NZ's potential World Cup boycott... ambush mouthguard marketing... and of course the Adidas jersey saga. It seems rugby's centrepiece is being overshadowed by money issues. So Breakfast asks sports marketing consultant Simon Arkwright: is commercialism hurting rugby?

Kiwi scientists to lead important flu study
A New Zealand-led research team has beaten out international competition to be awarded a five year, multi-million dollar contract to study influenza in an effort to better understand the virus. Programme Leader Dr Virginia Hope joins Breakfast from the Institute of Environmental Science and Research.

Guyon's Politics
Parliament sits for the final time this week, as politicians get set for campaign mode. But is NZ paying attention? Political Editor Guyon Espiner joins Breakfast for a look at the big political news this week.

NZ Festival: Events galore
Thousands of events are taking place up and down the country as part of the REAL New Zealand Festival showcasing the best Aotearoa has to offer its visitors during the Rugby World Cup. Breakfast checks in with Hadyn Jones for the day's events.

Gadgets - the best in robots
Breakfast looks at the best toy robots on offer along with Inspector Gadget John Buckley.

Reporter Round Up
Brooke, Lucas and James, connecting Canterbury to the Cloud.

Work Matters: Casual staff
Businesses increasingly rely on casual staff, especially during big events like the RWC. Jessie Bloore from Fluence Leadership Development looks at how employers and employees can protect their own interests when entering into such an agreement.

Health - getting a good night's sleep
Breakfast catches up with Health Psychologist Iris Fontanilla about how to get a good night's sleep to boost our mood, performance, and well being.

Inspector Gadget's gadgets today
Star Wars Droid C3-PO
Llife size replica statue (with two Transformer miniature robot statues BumbleBee and Optimus Prime)
These are the droids you're looking for. Made from a concoction of remnant mechanical parts, the C3PO replica is enough to make the biggest Star Wars fan dizzy with excitement.
Perhaps applying a power source would bring C3PO to life but I doubt it. He is best employed as a statue to impress your fanboy friends.
Price: $3800 for C3-PO and $240 each for the smaller figures.
Available from: Metal Art, 8 Upper Queen Street, Auckland.
Rating: 3 out of 5.

iSobot - The Humanoid Robot
Say hello to the I-Sobot. Standing a mere 16.5 cm tall, this hyperactive robot boasts his name in the Guinness Book of World Records as the smallest robot in production.
The robot dances to the beat, does push-ups and somersaults, can beg for mercy, re-enact Western gunfights, imitates animals, hula dances, plays air guitar, kicks and punches with sound effects, responds to applause and pretends he's drunk. Not only does the i-SOBOT talk with a vocabulary of 200 words and phrases, it also plays its own music.
RRP: $499.00 or $429.99 on sale at I Want That.
Where to buy:
Rating: 5 out of 5

Meccano Spykee Robot - WiFi Spy Robot
Spykee is a WiFi spy robot that moves, sees, hears and speaks! He can be controlled from anywhere in the world using the Internet, or from your home via WiFi. Use Spykee as a surveillance system, webcam and VoIP phone to talk to people around the world for free via the internet, MP3 music player and photo / video recorder!
RRP: $569.99 but is on sale at I Want That for $399.00.
Where to buy:
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

All prices correct at time of publishing. Products subject to availability.

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