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Breakfast: Wednesday October 16

Published: 8:11AM Wednesday October 16, 2013 Source: Breakfast

On Breakfast today:

Should he stay or should he go? Political commentators Bryce Edwards and Michelle Boag discuss the sex scandal involving Auckland mayor Len Brown.

Equestrian CEO Jim Ellis talks about Kiwi equestrian star Jock Paget's suspension from competition after mount Clifton Promise returned a positive drugs test at last month's Burghley International Horse Trials.

Daniel Faitaua is in Wanganui as the city's residents nervously watch the river levels rise.

Breakfast talks to the board of the state funded organisation Kohanga Reo National Trust amid allegations of inappropriate spending.

Showbiz Correspondent Alicia Malone on what NZ fans can expect from Beyonce's tour and the new movie Runner Runner.

Guitar legend Hank B Marvin is on the couch to talk about his upcoming NZ tour and receive an award from the Guitar Association of NZ

First week back into school after the holidays we speak to our parenting expert about how to get your children focused on their school work and tips to beat the holiday blues.

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