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Breakfast: Wednesday, March 13

Published: 7:21PM Tuesday March 12, 2013 Source: Breakfast

Rawdon's on leave today so Peter joins Toni and Nadine on the couch.

Novopay is back in the headlines again, with news that debt collectors are being used to recover over-payments. The "positive" side of hot sunny weather is also a main topic and we'll talk to the NZ Drug Foundation's Ross Bell who's in Vienna as Peter Dunne presents to a major UN conference on synthetic drugs & party pills.

More info on today's Daily Roast topics: Aussie cricketers cop it over homework, rise of "iPaddys", schools ditching maths and girlfriends keeping the makeup on long-term.

Also we've got details on new research about foetal deaths in car crashes and Garth Bray is at the Vatican as the secret ceremony to select a new Pope gets underway.

Plus we get some showbiz goss and find out how to do your 'gap year" at a Disney theme park and the latest research on how a lack of sleep can dramatically age you.

At the same time, the ever-youthful Sam Wallace will have ex-Warrior Ruben Wiki putting him through his paces for the upcoming Warrior Dash event.

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Style credits: Today Toni wears Country Road and Karen Walker Jewellery.

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