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Breakfast: Wednesday, July 25

Published: 6:31AM Wednesday July 25, 2012 Source: Breakfast

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What does Germany's downgrade mean for Europe?

Breakfast gets reaction to Germany's downgrade and asks Professor of Economics Christoph Schumacher about what this means for the rest of the Eurozone.

How many medals can NZ win in London?

Breakfast talks to double Olympian Dick Quax about whether we send too many athletes to the Games and how many medals we should expect from our athletes.

Will child protection units combat child abuse?

Breakfast asks Children's Commissioner Russell Wills if steps to set up child protection units at each of the country's DHB will work in combating child abuse.

Kiwi athletes under pressure to perform

Breakfast goes live to London to speak to former Olympian and IOC Member Barry Maister about the pressure facing our athletes at the Olympics.

Gerry Brownlee reacts to High Court ruling

The High Court has ruled Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee ''stepped outside the legal limits'' of his earthquake powers in rearranging Canterbury housing boundaries. Breakfast speaks to the minister.

Rival MPs debate loyalty share scheme

Labour claims the Government's loyalty share scheme could fetch a price of tag of up to one billion dollars in lost revenue. Breakfast checks in with National MP Jami-lee Ross and Labour MP Chris Hipkins.

How much should you pay if your car is towed

Breakfast talks to Consumer NZ's Chief Executive Sue Chetwin about not paying towies any more than you have to.

Latest GPS technology on the market

Breakfast's Gadget Guy John Buckley reviews the latest GPS systems on offer, including the new Audi Connect and the TomTom.

Social media's role in international news stories

Breakfast asks Sarah Putt from Computer World if social media has changed the way international news stories are covered.

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