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Breakfast: Tuesday, September 10

Published: 11:27PM Monday September 09, 2013 Source: Breakfast

We reveal who's behind a challenging new ad campaign with the slogan "there are worse things than cancer" and look at the findings of a two-year study on what happened to Cantabrians who left their jobs after the big quakes.

New Zealand's Chief of Army talks to Breakfast about the Pacific Armies' Chiefs conference happening in Auckland which brings together military heads from 29 countries and University of Waikato Professor Alexander Gillespie looks at the difficult situation US President Obama is in over Syria.

Corin Dann assesses the campaigns of the three Labour leadership contenders ahead of the final public meeting tonight.

Former Team NZ sailor Nick Heron gives us the insider's view on how the team copes with the intense pressure of the America's Cup.

Showbiz Correspondent Alicia Malone is live in Toronto for the 2013 Film Festival and actors Shane Cortese and Blair Strang preview the third season of popular show Nothing Trivial.

Plus Gadget Guy John Buckley shows off TVs since the 70s and reveals the future of TV - the new generation curved OLED model. Plus we are giving away an LG 55-inch Smart TV during the show today.

Join us from 6-9am on TV ONE or on the live stream.

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