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Breakfast: Tuesday, October 8

Published: 1:37AM Tuesday October 08, 2013 Source: Breakfast

Mark Lundy's convictions are quashed by the Privy Council and a retrial granted for the murder of his wife Christine and daughter Amber.

We'll speak to Europe Correspondent Garth Bray, who was there for the decision, and also Christine Lovett, a close friend of the late Christine Lundy.

Plus, Robin Bain's brother Michael reacts to the police discrediting a theory about gun residue on Robin's fingers

And a former top headmaster says NZ teachers are losing heart in the profession.

Security firm ADT shows Anna Colquhoun some ways home security can be improved.

Kiwi journo Wayne Hay reflects on his five-day detainment in Egypt while reporting on protests.

Plus Breakfast talks to South Auckland singer Nick Afoa, who will play Simba in Disney's production of The Lion King in Sydney and Jenny-May reveals her personal crusade against canine culls on a trip to the Philippines as an ambassador for WSPA.

And there's another chance to enter our fabulous Diana competition.

Join us from 6-9am on TV ONE or watch on the live stream.

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