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Breakfast: Tuesday, May 8

Published: 6:10AM Tuesday May 08, 2012 Source: Breakfast

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Push for national speed limit outside schools

It is road safety week and the campaign for a national speed limit outside schools has gone up a gear. Breakfast talks to Lucinda Rees who wants 40km/h around schools to become an official part of the road code.

Fast-growing retirement village sector

Retirement village operator Metlifecare wants to buy two rivals - is there some empire building going on?

Breakfast takes a look at a fast-growing sector for investors.

Can speed limits be changed outside schools?

Associate Minister of Transport Simon Bridges discusses whether changing the speed limits around schools across the country is a viable option.

Compulsory registration for social workers

Breakfast returns to the issue of compulsory registration for social workers with Lucy Sanford-Reed, Association of Social Workers chief executive. She rejects claims that mandatory registration will not improve outcomes.

Teaching Te Reo Maori in schools

Cabinet Minister Tim Grosser wants to see every 5-year-old taught Maori in school. It is a policy NZEI have been pushing for years. Breakfast asks the education union if it is any closer to becoming reality.

Controversial welfare package

The Government's controversial welfare package creates a new youth benefit, puts greater emphasis on work obligations, and makes greater use of the private sector, and it is going to cost a lot. Social Development Minister Paula Bennett outlines her expectations from the investment.

Anti-austerity sentiment

Prime Minister John Key told Breakfast that Europe's political rejection of austerity shows our Government has the right financial priorities. NZIER Chief Executive Jean-Pierre de Raad looks at whether anti-austerity sentiment might find its way here.

New Maori Language Strategy

Maori Affairs Minister Pita Sharples tells Breakfast the time is right for compulsory Maori language classes at school. He outlines the new Maori Language Strategy that he is developing to guide government policy.

Latest Pacific news

For the latest news from the Pacific Breakfast chats to Pacific Correspondent Barbara Dreaver.

Making money out of pampered pets

New Zealand has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world and caring for animals is quickly becoming big business. Nadine Chalmers-Ross looks at how pampered pets are becoming a real money-maker.

Fighting preventable illnesses among the young

Every year New Zealand children are admitted to hospital with preventable illnesses - like asthma and chest infections - that can quickly become life-threatening. With winter on its way Breakfast asks Dr Adrian Trenholme from the Kidz First Children's Hospital if enough is being done to prevent these illnesses.

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