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Breakfast: Tuesday, March 6

Published: 6:04AM Tuesday March 06, 2012 Source: Breakfast

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What is driving workers to strike?

From the Ports of Auckland strike, to the AFFCO lockout, it appears large scale and long-term industrial disputes are back.

Breakfast asks labour expert Dr Stephen Blumenfeld what is driving employees and employers to increasingly desperate tactics.

Will there be any surprises in partial asset sales?

The Government has taken another step towards the partial sale of state-owned assets, outlining the legislation that will guide the process. Kensington Swan partner Bryan Gunderson looks whether there will be any surprises.

Impact of special needs children in mainstream schools

Some parents of special needs children are claiming schools are refusing to take their kids, Breakfast speaks to Berhampore School Principal Mark Potter about the impact of having special needs children in mainstream schools.

Immigration - will the wealthy be favoured?

A new immigration approach is likely to create a system that favours wealthy immigrants, putting those with the money at the front of the queue. Immigration minister Nathan Guy responds to criticism that this will split families and create an unfair system.

Helen Clark on the global fight against AIDS

Former Prime Minister, now director of the UN's Development Programme, Helen Clark joins UN AIDS Executive Director Michael Sidibe to discuss the global fight against the AIDS epidemic.

Parent: Why mainstream school is important

Some parents of special needs children are claiming schools are refusing to take their kids, Breakfast speaks to a parent of two autistic children about why mainstream school is so important for these kids.

Taking Kiwi clothes to the world

It has already proven itself in New Zealand, America and Europe, now merino clothing company Icebreaker is turning its attention to Asia. Lucas de Jong discovers the challenges in taking Kiwi clothes to the world.

Ellerslie an inspiration for gardeners

The gloves are off - literally - as the country's gardening exhibitors await judging at the Ellerslie Flower Show.

The event was cancelled last year after February's quake, but as James Ransley reports, it has become an inspiration for many gardeners there.

When does parenting really begin?

Bruce Pilbrow from Parents Inc joins Breakfast to explain why, in many ways, parenting really begins when a child hits their teens.