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Breakfast: Tuesday April 19

Published: 6:41AM Tuesday April 19, 2011 Source: ONE News

Internet predator and cyber safety
Martin Cocker from Netsafe talks about new cyber safety research and the female internet predator who's been soliciting relationships with young boys online.

Food waste
New Zealanders throw away $750m of edible food every year, a figure that Lisa Townsend from the Best Before Store says is disgusting. She tells Breakfast that with food prices climbing, Kiwis need to think twice before strictly following a best before date.

Monitoring abuse
The government is finalising its over-arching approach to tackling child abuse, a policy debate that Social Development Minister Paula Bennett says will give all New Zealanders the chance to provide their own input.

Labour leader Phil Goff
Labour leader Phil Goff talks about the country's inflation rate hitting a two-year high. And is the government on the right track towards tightening up the student loan system?

Weed industry
Breakfast speaks to a leading horticultural scientist, Mike Nichols, who believes the government is ignoring a billion dollar industry involving medicinal marijuana.

Male menopause
One of the UK's top doctors, Professor Fred Wu, discusses his research investigating the links between hormone levels, frailty and quality of life, particularly among men aged over 50.

Music review - Duran, Duran, The Kills and Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
Entertainment reporter Joanna Hunkin reviews 80s legends Duran Duran, indie rockers The Kills and Hawaii's most successful musical export, Israel Kamakawiwo'ole.

Nutritionist talks about pregnancy diets
Dr Libby Weaver talks about the ground-breaking research out today on diet in pregnancy.

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