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Top toys for (big and little) kids this Christmas

Published: 7:50AM Wednesday November 25, 2009 Source: Breakfast

Nothing says Christmas morning like a stocking of presents shaped like boxes of toys! Gadget girl Tee Twyford, editor of, previews three of the hottest toys to be released this year, sure to make it on to your Christmas wishlist and under your tree this festive season...

The Screature
Best for: Boys and for guarding the rest of the present haul
The Screature uses an infrared sensor to "sense" and "attack" his prey with your help. Reach for his nose and you'll send him snapping. Make him angry and he'll rise up, puff out his frills and really let you know who's boss. He's not all angry dinosaur though, pat him on the back and he'll practically purr with delight, or set him up in guard mode to keep annoying siblings out of your room.
Wishlist worthy: Definitely! A bit more pricey than a pure novelty gift - but delivers more than that too!
RRP $89.99
Stockists: Available at the Warehouse and Toy World nationwide

Fisher Price Elmo Tickle Hands
Best: Come-back kid and for little people with little hands.
"Get caught red-handed". The latest incarnation of Tickle-me-Elmo puts you centre stage. Put the furry red "hands" on to go tickle crazy! When the glove with Elmo's face touches a surface (i.e. someone else) they start to giggle and vibrate and scream with laughter.
Wishlist worthy: Not as cute as the original Tickle-Me-Elmo (although that depends on the user/wearer potentially?), but bonus points for interactivity with the Tickle Dance and the Facebook Tickle-Grams.
RRP: $69.99
Stockists: Available at the Warehouse and Toy World nationwide

Zhu Zhu Pets
Best for: Girls and the 'Tamagotchi' trophy for best 'pre-Christmas hype'
Forget the Furbies and Tamagotchies, this year, furry little robotic hamsters known as Zhu Zhu pets, are the toy to have this Christmas. They're flying off the shelves in Europe and the US - with 700,000 of the tiny hamsters and play sets having been sold in the UK alone at the beginning of this month with some stores reportedly selling out of all stock within an hour and a half. Because of international demand, New Zealand toy stores won't stock the Zhu Zhu Pets until early next year, however gadget girl Tee has secured some of the only ones in the country to preview today - and has one to giveaway!
Wishlist worthy: For the 'keeping up with the Jones' factor' definitely - but the low price point means they're a recession-friendly piece of fun.
RRP: TBA - touching down in New Zealand early next year
Stockist: Planet Fun

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