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Tim Wilson: How white people suck

Tim Wilson

By Tim Wilson

Published: 3:38PM Thursday June 07, 2012

It seems a quirk of humour aimed at a certain age segment that the only groups which can be acceptably satirised are those perceived to be in the majority, or to own political power. I mean generally satirised, as opposed to being done over from within.

Wait, let me add to that. Also, groups who have little cultural standing. Such as poor white Southern Americans. Or middle class white American males.

Do you see how I'm twisting myself in knots? I'm trying to say I'm not sure how a video called Black Boy Problems would come to be produced, or where it would be aired without some predictable disapproval. Perhaps the much-missed Dave Chapelle could do it, but when, and where?

The problem is resolved if your video is called White Boy Problems.

This is funny, and funny immediately neutralises a lot of reservations. The tone is right. The sense of entitlement is just right. As HuffPo notes, there are several sites devoted to the foibles of white ethnicity, and they're all American. Will they still be funny when there are more Hispanics in the US than Caucasians? Probably, but in a different way. They'll be relic-funny, like Jerry Lewis.

A generally white anger is displayed by a political faction in the US called the Tea Party. The Tea Party favours limited government, and a strict interpretation of the US constitution. Also, it favours public freak outs. Look at this guy go

Middle-aged rage is almost as droll as middle class self-pity. Theres something about the middle ground that immediately invites teasing, putting aside that it is the place where most of us live. Perhaps that's where the comedy is; in an expression of the uncertainty of dominance. All the same, this politician's anger taps a genuine, and widely-held, sentiment: the belief that the US political system is broken.

What does all that energy look like from the inside?

This courtesy of an ad for Brazilian MTV. This too happens to be relic-funny. Apparently they still play music on MTV in Brazil. Weird, eh?

But not as weird as this. It has been around for a few days, but I couldn't resist this clip-up from the Daily Mail of a stuffed cat turned into a helicopter, and used to menace cows with. No, you haven't been at the bath salts, that's what follows. This isnt funny, yet its weirdness is certain. Does this reflect the role cats play in society? Answers on a postcard, please.

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