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Tim Wilson: The Art of Falling, and Flying

opinion Tim Wilson

By Tim Wilson

Published: 3:15PM Thursday May 17, 2012

When does persistence become stupidity? In the matter of unrequited love, usually. Boy sees girl. Boy likes. Girl dislikes. And so it goes.

I'm not convinced the cute track playing underneath this Russian video helps, but then again it doesn't hinder.

Watching videos of children falling over, you see where slapstick's appeal lies. So long as the victim doesn't appear hurt, and remains plucky, the number of times he falls down is immaterial.

Same for Republican candidate Mitt Romney. He's been pushed down more times than Stan Laurel. But he kept getting up. His prize? That poisoned chalice otherwise described as the Republican Presidential nomination.

You've seen this before, I know. Mitt Romney rapping . It's the oldest liberal trope in the book: make the Republican appear white and lame.

It's a sub genre we'll likely see more of as the election draws near. Admittedly conservative attempts to satirise Barack Obama (who also lacks the common touch) land flat footed for reasons that are difficult to explain.

Both Mitt and Barack are guys with odd names who are members of America's apparently-self-selecting elite. But only one of them will seem that way this year.

Sifting through piles of internet videos for Breakfast's Procrastination Report produces a syndrome my mother used to refer to as 'square eyes'. The mind is enervated and tired, but restless. Everything seems futile.

This video of video game characters running, and dying to Steve Reich music seems to replicate that state, but also offers a note so often absent in technology: pathos. I shall never look at a Super Mario Brother the same way again.

Finally, a view of what the internet is best at. Taking us to places and seeing things that we're normally denied. The following video isn't new, but its power is immense: a huge flock of starlings twisting and turning in the sky , thousands of birds in flight at speed, never colliding, and producing awe.

The word to describe this event is 'murmuration' Almost as beautiful as the thing itself.

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