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Breakfast: Thursday June 9

Published: 6:41AM Thursday June 09, 2011 Source: Breakfast

Prison Protest

The rooftop protest by prisoners in Hawke's Bay appears to have been sparked by the prospect of a smoking ban. Breakfast asks Beven Hanlon, Hawke's Bay prison guard and president of the Corrections Association, if this is a sign of things to come.

Unfettered Growth

Today scientists and policy makers will grapple with one of the most difficult questions facing humanity: is constant economic growth possible with finite resources? Breakfast talks to Landcare Research scientist Dr Bob Frame.

Brian Edwards on Darren Hughes

The police will not lay charges against former Labour MP Darren Hughes. Breakfast asks media consultant and former advisor to the Labour party Dr Brian Edwards what the future might hold for Darren Hughes.

Boot Camps

Seventeen youth offenders have gone through the Government's military style boot camp trial. New figures show ten of them have re-offended. Social Development Minister Paula Bennett and Dr John Langley from the Cognition Institute talk to Breakfast about the pros and cons.

Young Guns

Breakfast's political insiders Simon Bridges and Jacinda Ardern give their take on the police conclusion in the Darren Hughes case, the latest findings on 1080, Parliamentary dress codes and Destiny Church.

Shopping Research

Believe it or not there is quite a science to our supermarket decisions. Hypermedia studied these decisions in the biggest retail sector research New Zealand's ever seen. Reporter Anna Colquhoun looks into their fascinating results.

Reporter Round Up

With Ali, Lucas and Ruth.

Steve Marshall

American-style beauty pageants for children are on their way down under, and some new research shows how coffee overload is making people see things. For these stories Breakfast checks in with Australia Correspondent Steve Marshall.

Filmmaker Clive Neeson

It has taken 45 years in the making and $500,000 of his own money. Filmmaker Clive Neeson presents Last Paradise - a film about extreme sport in New Zealand and the importance of protecting our environment.

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