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Breakfast: Thursday, June 21

Published: 6:19AM Thursday June 21, 2012 Source: Breakfast

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Keeping tourism alive in Canterbury

The Tourism Industry Association has gone to Canterbury to try and keep the local industry going while the city is being rebuilt. Breakfast speaks with Tim Hunter from Christchurch and Canterbury Tourism.

Managing Auckland residents' rubbish

Auckland Council held a meeting yesterday to determine how Auckland's waste management system will change. Breakfast talks to Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse about developments.

Why has price of petrol been so high?

BP dropped the price of 91 to under $2 - citing international price moves and the "global uncertainty" surrounding Greece. BP joins Breakfast to explain why petrol has been so high for nearly a year.

What do asset sales mean for mum and dad investors?

Breakfast talks to Investment Advisor Craig Stobo about what the asset sales mean for mum and dad investors as the Bill is about to be passed into law.

New Zealand's high performing education system

A recent OECD report has shown New Zealand's education system is high performing. Breakfast ask Terry Bates from Cognition Education if other countries could learn a lesson from us.

Rival MPs Jami-Lee Ross and Jacinda Ardern

Breakfast checks in with National MP Jami-Lee Ross and Labour MP Jacinda Ardern.

Latest from Australia

For the latest news from across the ditch Breakfast chats to Australia Correspondent Steve Marshall.

Can you really hack my brain?

Petra and Rawdon put mentalist Keith Barry to the test and see if he can really hack their brains.

Gaining first aid skills for an emergency

The number of people doing the first aid course since the earthquakes has increased by 25% because people do not want to get stuck again not knowing what to do in a disaster. Others are encouraged to also get skilled up for an emergency.


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