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Breakfast: Thursday, August 15

Published: 6:12AM Thursday August 15, 2013 Source: Breakfast

Today on Breakfast:

A Taranaki teenager has died from a flu infection. Breakfast talks to a paediatrician about what warning signs parents need to look out for.

Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker speaks to Breakfast about the Environment Court approving plans to develop Hagley Park.

Cricketer Andrew Ellis tells Breakfast his views on the Hagley Park development debate.

Whitebaiters are being warned away from rivers around Christchurch City because of high levels of contamination. We speak with Canterbury Medical Officer of Health Dr Alistair Humphrey.

Over the next two weeks police will be training dogs to search suspicious people for smuggled or hidden cash following a successful 10 month trial called 'Cash Dogs'. Breakfast speaks to Dunedin Police for more on how it works.

Poppy and Parker Weekes, along with proud parents Martin and Jane, join Breakfast live in studio.

Is handwriting still important? The Daily Roast panel debates this as schools keep pumping more technology into the classroom.

Natasha Vitalia and Melissa Ray will be New Zealand's first gay couple to be legally married on Monday morning. Breakfast catches up with them ahead of their big day.

Breakfast talks to life coach, Marnie McDermott, who's warning Kiwi mothers about idolising celebrity mums, especially the Duchess of Cambridge.

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