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Gadgets for the bach

Published: 12:45PM Thursday December 04, 2008

Breakfast's gadget guru, editor Tee Twyford, sought out this summer's essential bach items. For more details, visit .

Bach dilemma: I can't survive without my daily caffeine hit, but instant just doesn't do it!
: Allpress Coffee Brew Box, RRP: $350 (fresh Allpress beans, Petra burr grinder, filter cone, papers and a brew pot)
Another example of the Allpress philosophy, fresh coffee made easy, the brew box contains "the equation for a single brew" - just grind, filter and brew.
Stockist: Allpress Coffee store , Ponsonby Rd

Bach dilemma: If someone's ringing to invite me to a Barbie (rather than a board meeting), the last thing I want to hear is the shrill ring of my phone to take me back to work!
: Tones of Home Bellbird ringtone, RRP $3.50
Let 25 seconds of recorded bellbird calls, take the place of a more stressful electronic shrill. You'll never want it to leave - just watch out for your cat!
Stockist: Tones of Home

Bach dilemma: I've got garlic/fish all over my hands and it won't come off!
: Stainless Steel Soap from Milly's Kitchen, RRP $13.50
Baches are all about living up the simple good life - including freshly caught fish, seared in a pan with a little bit of garlic and butter. Don't let the bad smells taint the rest of your evening, or use harsh chemicals to rid your hands of the smells - this simply Stainless Steel does all the hard work for you!
Stockist: Milly's Kitchen

Bach dilemma: Our bach is full of odds and ends - nothing reflects the fun times we have down here.
: 'Cyril the Squirrel' nutcracker from Milly's Kitchen, RRP$55.95, and assorted Pylones products including Oyster shuck RRP$38.00, Salt and Pepper shakers RRP$32.00 each and Sugar shaker RRP$40.00.
There's no need to have a cupboard full of odds ends of hand-me-downs at the bach, but don't feel like you have to be quite as constrained as you are at home with your everyday coordinated sets. Millys stock a gorgeous nutcracker, they've nicknamed him Cyril, while newly opened store Pylones stocks fun items from France - we love the oyster shucker, the salt and pepper dispensers on wheels and the unspillable suagr bowl. Take the stress out of your kitchen and add in a bit of fun!
Stockists: Milly's Kitchen and Pylones New Zealand   

For more details of these gadgets, visit

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