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Breakfast: Saturday, November 3

Published: 6:37AM Saturday November 03, 2012 Source: Breakfast

Sam's at the Rose Gardens this morning while in the studio Nadine and Tamati are discussing:

Special schools for special needs
The closure of two special needs schools has been criticised for negatively affecting those children; on Breakfast we hear why experts believe this could impact on all schools and children throughout the country.

Are spot prizes gambling?
Major event organisers are now fearful about having spot prizes at their events altogether after the Department of Internal Affairs came down hard on spot prizes due to gambling risks. Breakfast asks the Problem Gambling Association if this is justified.

Master thinker Bob Proctor
Bob Proctor, the author of You Were Born Rich joins Breakfast to explain his philosophy and the how the Laws of Attraction work.

Weekly Challenge: Wipe Out
Who is the King of the Castle? Tamati, Nadine and Sam take on some physical challenges at ActionWorld.

From "wager" to winner
From wagging school to winning awards, Breakfast meets a Kiwi teen who has completely changed her attitude and her life. Plus we meet the mentor who guided her through.

Paper Plus: Big name blockbusters
Breakfast talks to book critic Craig Atkinson about the blockbuster new novels from big name authors.

Decluttering your home
Breakfast gets some expert tips on decluttering your house and your life ... and puts one newsreader's pantry to the test.

5+ extra portions
Breakfast celebrates 5+ a day month by showcasing how easy it is to add an extra serving of fruit and vegetables to your day.

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