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Breakfast: Saturday, November 24

Published: 3:55PM Friday November 23, 2012 Source: Breakfast

Sam visits the Highland Games
Sam's got his kilt on to check out all the action at Auckland's Highland Games.

Brain injuries "a silent epidemic"
A first of its kind study in New Zealand has found the number of Kiwis with brain injuries has reached epidemic proportions. Breakfast speaks to the study's director.

From pacemaker to marathoner
We meet a woman who's just ran two marathons in a week - and yet, less than a year ago she collapsed at an event and had to have a pacemaker fitted due to heart disease.

Weekly Challenge: Saturday Team's Got Talent
As New Zealand Got Talent reaches its finale; the Saturday Breakfast team finds out just how much talent it's got as it tries out Billy's Big Brass Band.

"Give a little" founder
Breakfast talks with one young Kiwi whose good business-sense and philanthropy has seen her online fundraising platform reach new heights.

Paper Plus: Novels for kids
Breakfast speaks to book critic Jenni Keestra about the latest novels for kids from big name authors.

Homemade gangster flick
The film Tarantino would make if he was born in New Zealand ... Breakfast meets the director and lead actor of Fall Guys; an independent movie calling itself a "twisted, balls to the wall gangster flick".

Pleasures and pitfalls of self-publishing
Breakfast meets a first-time author who used a novel approach to grab attention for his children's book.

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