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Breakfast: Saturday, December 8

Published: 10:01AM Saturday December 08, 2012 Source: Breakfast

The whole crew's in the studio today and Nadine, Tamati and Sam have interviews on:

Male Abuse Awareness
Male Abuse Awareness Week campaign is happening overseas but not here; why aren't we more concerned about the male victims of sexual abuse and the organisations that try to help them?

Rodger Fox's big request
Legendary jazz musician Rodger Fox tells Breakfast why he's arguing for the formation of a Government-funded fulltime big band similar to the NZSO or NZ Ballet.

Weekly Challenge: Santa's Elves
Nadine, Tamati and Brooke are challenged to be Santa's little helper.

NZ's newest superheroes
Breakfast meets the creator of 4 Star Whetu Wha; a bilingual dance production team of teen superheroes with a distinctly Kiwi flavour.

Paper Plus: Christmas books for adults
Book critic Craig Atkinson answers your questions on what books are right for who this Christmas.

The tale of many tattoos
Hadyn Jones visits Australasia's biggest gathering of tattoo artists - in New Plymouth.

5+ Summer berries
Breakfast looks into the health benefits of berries, plus chef Eugene Hamilton is in with creative ways to use them in your Christmas menu.

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