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Monday November 24

Published: 7:27AM Monday November 24, 2008

Employers and Manufacturers Association
David Lowe, from the Employers and Manufacturers Association, tells Breakfast what the Association's members expect of the economy over the next few months. 

Guyon Espiner at Apec
Guyon Espiner joins Breakfast from Peru with an update on the APEC summit and John Key's first international appearance as Prime Minister.

Rugby League World Champs
The Kiwis are Rugby League World Champions after an astonishing win at the weekend. Breakfast is joined by the Mad Butcher, Peter Leitch.

Computer health
Optometrist Lynden Mason explains how computers can have a major impact on eyesight.

Parenting courses
The government is expanding parenting education courses for people with problem children. Breakfast speaks to course director Dianne Lees about how they work and the results they have seen.

TV in 2009
Television networks have launched their programme schedules for 2009, and media commentator Irene Gardiner talks through what's on offer.

Bad posture
Breakfast discusses how lessons in poise may be the best way to ease your back pain, using the Alexander technique. For more information see  

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