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Breakfast: Monday, May 14

Published: 6:10AM Monday May 14, 2012 Source: Breakfast

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Latest from the US

For the latest news out of the US Breakfast checks in with US Correspondent Jack Tame.

Milk price cut - has it paid off?

It has been three months since gourmet grocer Nosh drastically cut milk prices in a move that was dismissed by many as marketing stunt. Today, they tell us if it is paid off.

Can playing video games at school help students?

Teachers should stop talking and start playing. That is the view of one teacher who says his colleagues need to be aware of the educational benefits of playing video games in the classroom. Breakfast speaks with teacher and educational video game advocate Edwin McRae.

What is the impact of Nosh's milk price stunt?

Breakfast asks Sue Chetwin from Consumer NZ how much of an impact Nosh's milk price stunt has really had on the industry.

Prime Minister John Key

The Prime Minister praised the approach being taken to control a possible outbreak of the Queensland fruitfly, he denies that our adventure tourism industry is unsafe, and talks about next week's Government denying claims it is spending irresponsibly.

Cyber bullying

As the cases and severity of cyber bullying continues to grow, principals are crying out for new search and seizure laws so they can take phones and iPads from students suspected of cyber bullying. Secondary Principal's Association President Patrick Walsh explains why the law needs to be changed.

Wrap of the weekend's sport

Breakfast checks in with sport commentator Jenny-May Coffin for a wrap of the weekend's sport.

Getting the most out of an African safari

Julia Paley from House of Travel tells how to get the most out of an African safari.

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