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Breakfast: Monday, July 2

Published: 6:18AM Monday July 02, 2012 Source: Breakfast

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KiwiSaver turns five

Breakfast speaks to Martin Lewington from Mercer NZ about the KiwiSaver scheme which turns five today meaning people can dip into their funds.

Latest on the US storms

Breakfast checks in with US Correspondent Jack Tame with details about the US storms.

Preventing rheumatic heart disease

It is estimated 145 adults die from rheumatic heart disease in New Zealand every year, despite it being a preventable third world disease.
Breakfast talks to the New Zealand Heart Foundation's Pacific Health Manager Louisa Ryan about how you can stop your child from developing rheumatic fever in the first place.

Prime Minister John Key

Breakfast talks to Prime Minister John Key about the controversial Kim Dotcom case and asks if there will be an independent inquiry into the raid of his property.

NZ's child abuse rates

Breakfast talks to child abuse researcher from Auckland University Pauline Gulliver why the country's child abuse rates are so unreliable.

Finding answers underneath Auckland's North Head

Breakfast's Brooke Dobson did some digging around to find out what is underneath Auckland's North Head, and meets one man who has dedicated two decades of his life to finding the answers.

True Bliss reforming for a special cause

The girls of True Bliss are reforming to produce a single for a very special cause. Erika Takacs, Joe Cotton, Megan Alatini and Keri Harper join Breakfast to talk about why.

Weekend sport highlights

Breakfast checks in with sport sommentator Jenny-May Coffin for a wrap of the weekend's sport.

Surprising results for gaining weight

Breakfast hears from Healthy Food Guide Nutritionist Claire Turnbull about some surprising reasons why you could be gaining weight.


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