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Breakfast: Monday December 5

Published: 6:27AM Monday December 05, 2011 Source: Breakfast

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Conservation conference - marine threat

Hundreds of scientists from around the world will attend a major conservation biology conference in Auckland today where they'll consider the biggest threats to marine life. President of the Society for Conservation Biology Paul Beier joins Breakfast to explain what they're hoping to achieve.

Debate: Palm kernel

A new study commissioned by Greenpeace raises big questions around the use of palm kernel feed in the dairy industry. The chief executives of Greenpeace and Federated Farmers join Breakfast to debate the controversial stock food.

Marriage equality

With Australian's locked in the debate around legalising same-sex marriage ahead of an historical vote, Breakfast asks outspoken critic Dr Deborah Russell if we need to rethink our position.

Immigration and acting

An upcoming immigration policy change is receiving criticism from actors, who say it'll give their foreign counterparts a free pass to work in New Zealand. The chief executive of South Pacific Pictures John Barnett gives his take on the change.

Tim Wilson from America

For the latest news out of America Breakfast checks in with US correspondent Tim Wilson.

Reporter round up

With James, Lucas and Brooke.

Tech talk: E-wallets

Editor of Computerworld magazine, Sarah Putt, joins us on the couch to give us an update on Telecom's plans for the new year, as well as to talk about the emerging phenomena of 'e-wallets'.

Travelling in a group

Tony Laker from House of Travel talks about the advantages of travelling with a group of people that share a common interest.

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