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Breakfast: Monday, April 16

Published: 6:04AM Monday April 16, 2012 Source: Breakfast

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Latest from the US

For the latest news out of America Breakfast checks in with US Correspondent Jack Tame.

How keen are Kiwis to buy shares?

Mark Lister of Craigs Investment Partners updates Breakfast about state asset sales - how keen are Kiwis to buy shares and are they worried about potential iwi rights?

GST loophole predictions

As TradeMe gets ready to open its doors to Australian retailers, Breakfast hears from the Retailers Association who say a GST loophole for online purchases will create an uneven playing field.

Are new ways of banking safe?

Kirk Hope from the NZ Bankers' Association talks to Breakfast about how banks are dealing with skimming and other security threats - are they doing enough? Are new ways of banking safe?

Can NZ afford another property boom?

The last week has seen a renewed focus on the cost of owning a home in New Zealand, and the latest real estate snapshot confirms a market at near record levels. Breakfast asks REINZ CEO Helen O'Sullivan whether New Zealand can afford another property boom.

Treaty top-up

A multimillion-dollar Treaty top up for the country's two richest Maori tribes is about to come into effect. AUT's adjunct professor of Indigenous Studies Rawiri Taonui looks at how this is likely to play out in Maoridom.

Just how bad for you is shift work?

Fiona Johnston, director of Shiftwork Services NZ, explores a new study that links shift work with obesity and diabetes, and explains what can be done to minimise the harm done by odd hours.

Fraudsters' latest tricks

Daniel Ayers, an IT expert from Elementary Solutions, outlines the latest tricks that fraudsters are using to lure you into parting with your cash, and how to avoid becoming a target.

Kiwi swimmers tipped to win gold

The London Paralympics are just around the corner, so Breakfast catches up with Cameron Leslie and Sophie Pascoe - two Kiwi swimmers hotly tipped to win Gold medals having just smashed World Records in Sheffield.

Wrap of the weekend's sport

Breakfast checks in with sport commentator Jenny-May Coffin for a wrap of the weekend's sport.

Mysteries of Western Australia

Travelling around Western Australia is an adventure unto itself. Julia Paley from House of Travel joins Breakfast to unravel some of the mysteries about the wild west coast.

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