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The latest and greatest in vacuum cleaners

Published: 8:19AM Wednesday May 20, 2009 Source: Breakfast

Breakfast's gadget girl Tee Twyford has been hunting down the latest and greatest in vacuum cleaners

The silent type / eco vacuum
RRP: $449
Product website
"The Electrolux Ultra Silencer is one of the world's quietest vacuum cleaners and pulls the plug on noisy vacuum cleaning." 55% of the cleaner body is made from recycled material, 90% of the vacuum can be recycled. Features an energy efficient 1250w max motor (uses 33% less energy than the average 2000w vacuum cleaner) and low noise pollution - only 71 decibels.
*Tee's website is giving away 5 of the Electrolux Ultra Silencer Eco models.

The Vacuum 2.0: Roomba the Robot
RRP: $599
Product website

"Does the cleaning all by itself."
Just press the clean button and Roomba cleans up to three rooms - before returning itself to the home base to charge. The vacuum that cleans so you don't have to. Senses stairs and won't fall down them. Doesn't get tangles in tassles or cords.

The Designer handheld model
RRP: $349
Product website
"The world's most powerful hand held vacuum that doesn't lose suction".
Designed by Issey Miyake, so it also looks good.
Leaves the standard dust-buster in the dust! Six minutes of suction, makes cleaning spot mess or hard to reach places a breeze. Features hot pink design features courtesy of design house Issey Miyake's collaboration with Dyson.

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