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Kyle Cassidy

Published: 1:33PM Friday July 31, 2009

  •  (Source: Breakfast)
    Kyle Cassidy - Source: Breakfast

Kyle's love of cars goes back to when he was a nipper. Growing up, home was full of car mags and books which he would bury his nose in for hours on end.

While he was learning the difference between a drive shaft and dipstick, Kyle was certain of one thing - he was destined to work with cars, not on them.

"Driving cars is a lot more fun than getting your hands dirty."

How right he was. After completing a Communications Studies degree at AUT, Kyle landed a job at New Zealand Autocar as editorial assistant.

Today he writes car reviews for the magazine, which has him taking a LandCruiser through its paces in the foot hills of the Southern Alps one day, and hammering a Porsche around a track the next.

And out of the cars he's driven, which one would he liked parked up in his garage?

"The Porsche 911. I have always liked them and now after finally driving a few of them, I can see what all the fuss is about. It is such a great driver's car."

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