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The Great Coffey Road Trip: Day 27, Tutukaka

By Tamati Coffey

Published: 11:35AM Wednesday December 09, 2009 Source: Breakfast

Tutukaka, quite possibly the gold medal award for most beautiful bay in the country! We were located right next to the marina, beside the fishing charter boats and the luxury boats as well.
Apart from the coffee and muffins that Kate from the diving school brought down, the highlight was ringing the Ngunguru School Dolphin bell so hard it rung right off the handle.
There I was, staring at this 200 year old bell, suddenly broken into two pieces. Thankfully the principal said it was already rattly, but boy did I feel a little red afterwards.
Thanks for everyone that came down to join us, two more days to go on the road trip.
Kerikeri here we come.

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