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Gadget guy: Futuristic viewing technology

Published: 10:47AM Friday February 17, 2012 Source: Breakfast

Breakfast's Gadget Guy, John Buckley, tells us about futuristic viewing technology

VGo Robotic Telepresence Machine

VGo is a "telepresence robot" which allows a user to interact with people in remote locations. Standing about four feet tall, the VGo unit displays the user's real face and voice through the robot's 'face'.

The user sees the location through a camera and drives VGo around a workspace, controlled via any PC or laptop over the internet. "Being in two places at once" is definitely becoming more of a virtual reality.

Price: Customised to suit requirements but expected to be in the region of $5,000

Sony 3D Personal Viewer HMZ-T1 (Head Mounted Display)

It's 3D, HD, and customized to fit you. The Personal 3D Viewer packs innovative technology into a lightweight device, delivering unparalleled home entertainment in an immersive environment. Sit back and enjoy, without anyone kicking your seat.

Product Website:
Price: RRP $1199.95

Sony 3D PS Vita Handheld Gaming System

Join the handheld gaming revolution with PS Vita, the next generation portable entertainment system from PlayStation.

With a stunning screen and dual analogue sticks, PS Vita is a gamers' dream come true. It uses the latest technology to deliver the best performance and graphics.

Buyers can pick from an always-on 3G Mobile Broadband or a Wi-Fi only model. The PS Vita is fully compatible with PlayStation Network, as well as connecting with PS3.

Product Website:
Price: RRP $549.95 for the Wifi and 3G model and $449.95 for the Wifi only model (though we hear there are some really great pre-order prices out there from places like JB HiFi).

All prices correct at time of publishing. Products subject to availability.

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