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Breakfast: Friday June 10

Published: 6:44AM Friday June 10, 2011 Source: Breakfast

Paul Hobbs

For the latest news on the Ryan Giggs scandal Breakfast checks in with Europe Correspondent Paul Hobbs.

Drunken ED Danger

New research confirms the hazard that intoxicated patients create on Emergency Department wards. Breakfast asks lead researcher Fiona Gunasekara what highlighting the problem might achieve.

Capping Rugby Scores

The NZRU's new scheme aimed at stamping out lopsided children's rugby games has drawn fire from parents, coaches and rugby legends. The NZRU's Brent Anderson defends the idea against accusations of social engineering and PC gone mad.

Pink & White Terraces

Scientists have made a breakthrough discovery in depths of Lake Rotomahana. They have discovered the other half of the 8th wonder of the world - the white terraces - of the Pink and White Terraces. Breakfast speaks with Dr Ron Keam from the University of Auckland.

AIDS at 30

Thirty years ago this month the first cases of AIDS were reported. Since then the disease has claimed 25 million lives. Shaun Robinson from the NZ AIDS Foundation assesses the efforts of world leaders and health officials in wiping out the disease.

The Campaign for Wool - Liz Findlay from Zambesi

Designer Liz Finlayson talks about how wool is a leading tool in fashion and clothing and shows viewers some special designer clothing, while

NZ Wool expert Philippa Wright talks about the new initiative to boost the profile of wool in New Zealand.

Reporter Round Up

With Ali, Lucas and Charlotte

Foodie Friday

Because it is Friday and we love food - especially Fish 'n' Chips. Today's Food Truck coincides with a new series starting on TV ONE at 7pm on Sunday night.

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