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Breakfast: Friday, February 24

Published: 5:59AM Friday February 24, 2012 Source: Breakfast

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Latest from Europe

For the latest news out of Europe Breakfast goes live to correspondent Garth Bray.

How to invest in dairy industry

A new offering from a fund manager is a chance for ordinary investors to get on board the dairy boom and enjoy high milk prices - without owning a farm or any cows.

Death threat scam email

The Department of Internal is urging New Zealanders to be wary as email scams reach a new low with death threats.

Lead investigator for the Anti-Spam Compliance Unit, Tony Demetriou explains what to look out for.

Former diplomat on MFAT budget cuts

As budget cuts eat into the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Breakfast hears from former diplomat and senior fellow at the Centre for Strategic studies, Terence O'Brien, who wonders if the changes are being driven by fiscal restraint or ideology.

Port strike - is there a solution?

Maritime Union workers at the Ports of Auckland were to resume to strike action today. Breakfast talks to National Road Carriers Chairman Chris Carr who says a resolution may only come if the unions are bypassed from now on.

Foods that fail the nutrition test

Breakfast talks about a new study which has found we are eating 49 different foods which give us nothing nutritionally.

Leadership battle across the ditch

It is game on across the ditch as Labor's leadership competition heats up. Former party leader Kevin Rudd wants his old job back, so does he have a fighting chance? Breakfast speaks with ONE News political reporter Jessica Mutch.

What should we be eating?

New research show many Kiwis are unknowingly eating foods packed with calories and with little nutritional benefit. Breakfast chats to Healthy Food Guide Nutritionist Claire Turnbull about what we should be eating.

Treating people with drug addiction

Breakfast talks to actor, activist and author, Christopher Kennedy-Lawford, about his own recovery from substance abuse and why he is in New Zealand promoting means of treatment for people with drug addiction.

Joanna Hunkin's weekly entertainment wrap

From the Brit Awards to Adam Sandler in drag, entertainment reporter Joanna Hunkin joins Breakfast to wrap the week in movies and music.

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