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Breakfast: Friday, April 13

Published: 6:09AM Friday April 13, 2012 Source: Breakfast

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Latest on the preparations for London Olympics

Olympic officials are turning their attention to 'idiot proofing' the upcoming event, Breakfast asks Europe Correspondent Garth Bray why.

Rise in 'super-fraud'

Fraud against financial institutions in New Zealand has hit a record high according to a new report. Breakfast talks to accountancy firm KPMG about the worrying rise in 'super-fraud'.

Dairy farmer ranked second worst job

An American careers survey has ranked "dairy farmer" as the second worst job of more than 200 different professions.

Federated Farmers dairy spokesman Willy Leferink laughs it off, and explains why our industry is a bit like Hollywood.

NZRU opens its books

Rugby's books are down for a third year in a row, despite winning the World Cup on home soil. Breakfast asks NZRU boss Steve Tew how the NZRU plan to turn things around.

Parents monitoring children's phones

Following news that two teenagers have been suspended from a Nelson high school after texting sexual images of a classmate, Breakfast asks whether software that allows parents to monitor their children's phones is the answer.

Treaty 'top up'

A multimillion-dollar Treaty 'top up' for the country's two richest Maori tribes is about to come into effect. AUT's adjunct professor of Indigenous Studies Rawiri Taonui looks at how this is likely to play out in Maoridom, and the rest of New Zealand.

Taking a hard line against 'daily deal' website

Greg Allan from the Commerce Commission explains why it is taking a hard line against based 'daily deal' website who fail to honour the offers made to customers.

Tim Wilson's Weird Wide Web

Breakfast delves into the Weird Wide Web with "Procrastination Reporter" Tim Wilson. He will talk through his pick of wacky web clips for the week.

Film reviews: Battleship and Carnage

Film Critic Dominic Corry reviews two new films set to hit our screens this week - Hollywood blockbuster Battleship and Roman Polanski's latest film, the black comedy titled Carnage.

Farewell to Lucas

Breakfast says goodbye to Wellington reporter Lucas de Jong.

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