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Breakfast: Tuesday 27 January

Published: 2:43AM Tuesday January 27, 2009

Big ticket consumer items like flat screen televisions are due to go up in price this year. Breakfast speaks to Barry Hellberg from the New Zealand Retailers Association about what 2009 is likely to hold for consumers.

It's been five days since a Chinese Court sentenced Sanlu Executive Madame Tien Wenhua to life imprisonment for her part in the tainted milk scandal. Fonterra had a 43% stake in Sanlu, yet they've made almost no comment. New Zealand Herald Columnist Fran O'Sullivan joins Breakfast to discuss Fonterra's handling of the situation.

Tim Wilson
Breakfast finds out about Barack Obama's first days in the White House, live with Correspondent Tim Wilson.

Home Alone
Hawke's Bay police were shocked to find four children between the ages of one and ten left home alone whilst their parents worked overnight shifts. Barnados Social Worker Jenny Corry says this situation is caused by an inflexible work place, tightening job market and low income.

Fran's Music
Francesca Rudkin reviews Bruce Springsteen Working on a Dream

School Attitudes
Attitude specialist Janice Davies talks about how to get kids in the right frame of mind to start back at school and making the most of the academic year ahead.

Savvy Shopping
Bridget Lampard, author of the Shop Savvy Guide, filled us in on how to pay less for the same quality products in these hard economic times.

Car Review
Kyle Cassidy works for Autocar magazine. This morning he reviews the Toyota Aurion AX-T.

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