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Breakfast: Wednesday April 21

Published: 10:46PM Tuesday April 20, 2010 Source: Breakfast

Breakfast spoke to Aviation Industry Association head Irene King about the scenarios and safety plans airlines will be considering with no certainty as yet as to when airspace across Europe will be opened up

Breakfast also spoke to GNS volcanologist David Johstone who is in London attending an international meeting on disaster planning

Stuart Grieve QC, was David Doherty's lawyer who got $868,728 payout after being wrongfully imprisoned for six years after being found guilty of raping an 11 year old girl. Following new DNA tests another man was convicted of the crime. Stuart spoke to Breakfast about the David Bain case following a government announcement it will consider a claim of compensation for David Bain

Car seats
An American car seat technician Kathryn Kruger talks to Breakfast about the correct way to safely restrain children while travelling

Rickshaw woman
Breakfast learns the perils of racing a rickshaw the size of a lawnmower the length of India.

Gadget interview work presentation
Inspector Gadget John Buckley looked at gadgets to enhance your work presentations

Twinning tea winner
Breakfast talks to the winner and organiser of the Twinings New Zealand Breakfast Tea Challenge to find out about the competition
Style Interview: Perfect Heels

Breakfast's style guru Paula Ryan joined Breakfast to talk all about matching the correct shoes to your outfits and wearing the appropriate types of shoes in different situations

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