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Breakfast: Tuesday July 13

Published: 6:54AM Tuesday July 13, 2010 Source: Breakfast

GST and healthy food
Breakfast speaks to Proffesor Tony Blakely from Otago University about the Maori Party's bill proposing GST be taken off healthy food. Blakely has been involved in a research project looking at how effective this really is to get people to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables.

Anti-whaling activist Pete Bethune
Anti-whaling activist Pete Bethune reacts to Prime Minister John Key's comments that he's been "downright ungrateful" over the support given him by New Zealand officials while he was in a Japanese jail.

Politics with Guyon
Breakfast catches up with political editor Guyon Espiner and talks about the Prime Minister's trip to Asia and whether it was successful or not.

Music reviews
Entertainment reporter Joanna Hunkin reviews pop princess Kylie Minogue's new album Aphrodite. Plus, home-grown hip hoppers The Deceptikonz and the debut solo album from Fur Patrol's Julia Deans.

Personal shopper
Breakfast speaks to Heather Tait about the choices of vases for to display your flowers in.

Personal shopper details:
Small glass vase, Narrow neck Glass Vase, K-Mart Stores nationally
Tall RippleVase, Pewter Jug,
Tony Sligh Vase, Cranfields 09 520 5432
Floral Vases - Alium Interiors 09 524 4242
Katie Gold, Katie Brown Vases, Studio Ceramics, Tekoteko Vase & Kiwiana Jug -

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