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Breakfast: Tuesday, January 19

Published: 5:59AM Tuesday January 19, 2010 Source: Breakfast

Obama a year on
This week marks the first year anniversary of the inauguration of American President Barack Obama. Breakfast looks at his first year in office with Professor Robert Patman.

Blogger back in court
Internet blogger Cameron Slater will be back in court later on Tuesday, defending himself against charges laid by police after he identified three defendants given name suppression in high profile criminal cases. He joins Breakfast to launch a lobby group called "shame", which stands for "suppression helps abusers make excuses".

Summer weather
NIWA is predicting an average end to summer, following weeks of erratic weather across the north and south. Breakfast talks to Dr James Renwick about the volatility and what's causing it.

John Key
Prime Minister John Key talks to Breakfast about his plans for 2010, and the visit from Prince William.

Breakfast's new music reviewer
This year we welcome our new music reviewer, Joanna Hunkin, who will be guiding us through the best and worst music of 2010, but first, we take a look back at the best of 2009.

Joanna's top five albums of 2009:
5. La Roux (self-titled)
4. The XX XX
3. Gin Holy Smoke
2. Them Crooked Vultures (Self-titled)
1. Florence and the Machine Lungs

Personal shopper - outdoor gear
Breakfast speaks to personal shopper Heather Tait about essential items for hitting the outdoors this summer.

Where to buy Heather's outdoors gear
Headlamps, Tents, Pop-Up Shelter, Chair, Steripen Water Steriliser, Camelbak Waterholders, Drink Bottles, Bushman Insect Repellent -

Gordon's Outdoor Equipment 04 4998894

Mosquito Bracelet & Sachet - Urban Adventure 09 415 1430

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