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Breakfast: Tuesday August 18

Published: 6:46AM Tuesday August 18, 2009 Source: Breakfast

Cycling star Sam Webster
Sam Webster has just become the world's best junior sprinter after winning three golds at the Junior World Cycling Champs in Moscow. Breakfast chats to him as he touched down at Auckland Airport.

Palm oil ditched
Breakfast speaks to Cadbury Managing Director Matthew Oldham about why Cadbury's bowed to consumer pressure and stopped using palm oil in its dairy milk chocolate.

ACC changes
Breakfast speaks to ACC Endorsed physiotherapist Gill Stotter about the government's announcement of ACC funding cuts for physiotherapy.

Guyon's Politics
Breakfast speaks to Political Editor Guyon Espiner about John Key's trip across the ditch and Mallard's gaffe.

Fran's music reviews
Fran reviews Willie Nelson and Florence and the Machine.

Clean offices
Breakfast gets some advice on how to keep the office clean...and found out just how unhygenic Paul Henry's wallet is!

Cancer couple
Victor and Ellie Knight are a couple who've both had aggressive cancers and survived. Ahead of Daffodil Day on August 28th, they join Breakfast to discuss how they supported one another.

Car review
Autocar Editor Kyle Cassidy checks out the new Ford Territory Ghia.

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